National Grid owns the gasholders site on Prince of Wales Drive, Battersea.

The site is no longer used for storing gas and the gasholders themselves have been decommissioned. As part of our commitment to bringing sites like this back to use, we are clearing and environmentally improving it so that in the future it can provide hundreds of new homes in Nine Elms.

We have now begun dismantling the gasholders.

We began the process of dismantling the gasholders in 2013 and after two years of complex demolition work we will soon finish clearing the site and be in a position to hand over to our development partner St William.

National Grid

National Grid is an international energy infrastructure company. We connect people to the power that makes everyday life possible. In Britain our systems deliver gas and electricity, lighting and heating homes and keeping factories and offices going.

Our portfolio of land ranges from offices, depots and shops to former gasworks sites. Across the country we are working to bring our former industrial sites back to life, creating homes, jobs and opportunities.